Akron Fusion Ventures

Our Plan to Make Northeast Ohio a More Significant Startup Hub

Knowledge Transfer

Give coastal portfolio companies access to enterprise customers in Northeast Ohio. Create need for local presence which enables startup knowledge transfer from coasts to heartland.

Capital Access

Build strong relationships with coastal investors by investing alongside them. Invite them to invest in hottest Northeast Ohio startups.

Network Effects

Build on network effects from attracting entrepreneurial talent, investors, and local enterprises for wealth and job creation locally.

Akron Fusion Ventures

Our Innovative Approach

Unique Access to High Quality Deal Flow

Regional deal flow via regional LPs & individual startup investment groups (150+ opportunities).

SV deal flow via partnerships & investments in successful SV VC fund groups & startups (400+ opportunities).

Build Connectivity Between Silicon Valley & NE Ohio

Leveraging enterprise/corporate relationships in the Midwest, SV, and beyond to attract top-tier startups, de-risk, and help our portfolio scale faster.

Successful & Experienced Team

Led by serial entrepreneurs who have built, scaled and helped companies realize $50M+ in direct investments and follow-on funding.

Akron Fusion Ventures


Raising $20 million

Raising $20 million, $5 million currently committed, first close at $10 million.

Deployed within 3-5 years

All capital to be deployed within 3-5 years into an additional 15-20 high growth opportunities and select SV funds.

Anticipated Returns

Anticipated cash-on-cash returns of 3-5x investment and a goal of >20% IRR.

Akron Fusion Ventures

Target Portfolio

Industry Focus

Companies in the advanced materials, technology, and life science industries. 

Business Stage

Seed or early stage businesses demonstrating potential for high growth and venture backability.

Investment Size

$250K-$1M per investment with follow-on funding reserved for approved investments.

Portfolio Size

Investment into 15-20 opportunities and several SV funds with a target fund size of $20M.

Akron Fusion Ventures

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